Procurement/Purchasing Support

We have a global sales team that has some language skills to be a good partner to any manufacturing company, worldwide! We currently supply to many manufacturing companies in Asia, Europe and Central and South America along with the USA and Canada. With our many combined years in this industry, we also have many suppliers around the world who will work with us to find:

  • best quality product
  • hard to find and shortage items
  • best price
  • best delivery time
Relationship with key suppliers is vital. Most of our supply comes directly from OEM excess, so it is new, Unused, and in factory packaging, just as if you were buying from Franchise distribution or direct from the manufacturer of the parts you need! The benefit of OEM excess is many times it is lower cost than buying elsewhere and OEM’s sometimes have hard to find and shortage items you cannot buy anywhere else. Also many of the OEM’s we buy our excess from have multiple global locations and they will do a parts search for Global Semi Support when there is a shortage or hard to find item needed! This give us a GLOBAL REACH to help you with RFQs, SHORTAGES, HARD TO FIND ITEMS AND YOUR BILL OF MATERIALS(BOM). So please call or email our sales team today!

Technical Support

Many times we have been asked to look for and offer or propose an alternative, cross or replacement to a hard to find items. With our years of experience in this industry we have helpful contacts at components manufacturers who will help us locate their own hard to find product, or help with newer revision or propose to us a cross or replacement. Many times Global Semi Support will offer spec sheets to our buying customers who need a solution to hard to find, urgently needed parts. Ask us for this type of support and we will work hard to help!

Materials Management

Global Semi Support has our best relations with OEMs and Contract Manufactures who need or wish to sell off SURPLUS/EXCESS inventory and obsolete materials no longer needed but still has some resale value! We will work hard to get our partners the best return from their parts with various offers of support:
-we can buy for our stock, one line item or a full LOT of parts a manufacturer wishes to sell off.
-we can offer your excess inventory globally to many other Manufacturers who may need your parts, we also supply to other independent and Franchise distributors who call for help finding parts. So we have many companies who will buy our “for sale” parts, in our stock and available to us in an OEM’s stock.
-we also have consignment programs where we will take your product into our stock and will sell it in the open market for the best resale possible and return monthly payments of shared sales revenue.
-we also can offer custom programs offering flexibility and we listen to our partners to hear how they would like to see their excess inventory moved, stored and sold for the highest return! Please call or email our purchasing team to further discuss the sale of your no longer needed electronic components or send your list of excess to your GSS sales team member!

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